Another successful feat, Brabo is the Strawberry Nesquik flavor everyone loves at FOA.

Hungria Hip Hop live fábrica flavors of americas

You’re all familiar with the partnership between Zomo and the singer Hungria, but what you still don’t know is that this successful feat will exceed your expectations with a new flavor that is well known to everyone. Brabo tastes like nostalgia, and presents you with a Nesquik Strawberry hookah session that will bring back the creamy sensation you surely remember, right?! Another successful flavor in our Star line! 

And for the launch of this delicious flavor, Flavors of America and Zomo had a super live with Hungria, with lots of music and smoke. The streaming was right from Zomo’s production plant during the production of the new flavor. 

Wanna see the live? Tune into at YouTube Zomo Oficial. 

June 23, 2021
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