Zomo Vape launches its Disposables Pods line

Here at Flavors of Americas the launches do not stop, that is why Zomo Vape presents its latest line of Disposable Pods in its 4 presentations. 

Disposable Pods are small, slim e-cigarettes powered by a built-in battery with a liquid inside that, once finished, is thrown away. Zomo Vape brought several options for all the tastes of our customers. Here we show you the variety of devices: 

GO! Practical and fun, the disposable POD that has 320 puffs and 20 flavors so you can enjoy them all. 

VIBE, this device was made to conquer you, with 650 puffs and 15 flavors available to enjoy all your moments. 

FUSION, device for a much more durable use and with an explosion of flavor offering you 1300 puffs and 14 flavors to conquer your heart. 

FLOW, the device that offers you nothing more and nothing less than 1500 puffs, a lot of flavor and duration so that your experience is unforgettable. With 19 flavors of your choice. 

Don't waste time, contact the nearest distributor or vapeshop and guarantee yours! 

If you don't know where to find one, you can send a message on @zomovape and our team will be helping you find the closest one. 

November 19, 2021
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