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Zomo Live Fun! The most daring brand!

Zomo lider de vendas no brasil e america latina
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Zomo Lider em vendas no Brasil, mapa do brasil com detalhes na cor verde

Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements

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Zomo is a market leader in Latin American due to its strong positioning and direct communication with the target audience. It is currently expanding in Europe and North America.

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Zomo is constantly researching and innovating and stands out from the competition. Due to its boldness, Zomo is always ahead of the times.

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Zomo is constantly improving to gain worldwide recognition for its quality products and noble attitudes. Zomo speaks the language of its diverse audiences, providing them with innovative experiences.
Prancheta de Avaliação


Zomo is the leading brand in its segment and has the largest number of followers on all social media networks worldwide. Our company has the largest number of active feedbacks and is the best brand according to the audience ratings.

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Zomo believes that in order to maintain the high quality of its products and stay ahead of the times, it is essential to invest in cutting-edge technology to improve all stages of product development.


Variety of products


Zomo flavors are internationally recognized for their quality, innovation, and wide range of flavors. Currently, Zomo offers 10 different product lines with over 160 flavors, so that the consumer can always enjoy a unique experience. 

Zomo Zona Narguiles icones


A German concept: hookah made of high-quality stainless steel. ‘Zona Shisha’ is a collaborative project between Germany and Brazil that offers customers the sophistication and precision they need. 
Zomo Mangueiras para narguiles


‘Zomo Shisha Hose’ was designed to crown your hookah session. Our thermoplastic polymer hose eliminates that taste of plastic even on first use. As it is ultra-resistant and has a high density at the ends, it fits your hookah perfectly.  
Embalagens da zomo paper na cor verde


Zomo rolling paper, produced with cutting-edge technology and ultrafine sheets, is available in more than 5 different sizes to offer the consumer a unique experience. 
Zomo vape eliquids e juices


Zomo’s quality and innovation, widely known in the international market, can now also be found in the segment of juices for vaporizers. Currently, we have over 20 exclusive flavors.
Icones carvão de coco zomo, imagem de um coco com carvões


Zomo invested substantially in research and sustainable development in order to offer quality charcoal. Produced from coconut fibers only, our charcoal contributes directly to the preservation of our planet and the environment. 

Imagem de um boné produto da zomo


Due to the success of the brand all over the world, especially with the young audience, Zomo has recently set foot in the Lifestyle segment, offering top-quality products. Currently, the brand offers several exclusive products, including backpacks, caps, jackets, and shirts, among other products.   
Icone amarelo com papel aluminio zomo


This aluminum foil is that kind of friend that will never abandon you. It is flexible, perfect for your bowl and, best of all, can be stretched tightly. Zomo aluminum allows an easy way to set up your bowl and start a hookah session. With 42 microns, it is possible to stretch it to perfection.