As part of the celebrations for the "Paraguayan Women's Day", FLAVORS OF AMERICAS, prepared a tribute to company officials.

The activity was carried out in the dining room, an act in which a delivery of roses was made to the women who make up the staff of officials and a snack was shared.

Every February 24, the "Paraguayan Women's Day" is celebrated in commemoration of the "First Assembly of American Women" held in 1867 in the Plaza de Mayo. It is an assembly where the women decided to contribute to the Paraguayan cause by donating jewelry and jewelry to finance the War Against the Triple Alliance. February 24 is a day to delignify the role of women in the history of the construction of the Paraguayan nation.

FOA is aware of the importance for the family, society, and the country that women have and honors them with actions.

February 28, 2023
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