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FOA in collaboration with the SNPP dictate Soft Skills course.

With the purpose of providing them with competencies, attitudes and skills that help to strengthen good work performance and in daily life, the SNPP and FOA will offer a free workshop on Soft Skills.

During the workshop, the beneficiaries will address topics such as self-knowledge, resilience, adaptability and empathy, assertive communication, interpersonal relationships, decision-making, problem and conflict management, creative and critical thinking, management of emotions and feelings, knowledge of values, among others contents.

Through 'Soft Skills' course participants will acquire the knowledge that will allow them to recognize and improve their own skills to strengthen their personal, social, and work performance.

Subsequently, in an act the participants will receive their certificates endorsed by the SNPP.

FOA is characterized by constantly carrying out training sessions for its employees, within the framework of compliance with ISO 9001, whose priority is to improve the standards and quality of the factory.

February 20, 2023

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