Zomo launches a new strong Flavor

We started the month in the best way, and nothing better than surprising you with news! From the hand of @Zomofficial, their Strong line has gained a new flavor that you will love. 

We are always open to the requests of all our audience, who had time to request a new Strong flavor to delight the palate. We know that there are many people who love strong flavors and nothing better than giving them a sweet and very refreshing taste. 

StrongChoco was the name chosen for this delicious essence created especially for chocolate lovers with a refreshing touch. This nostalgic combination takes us on a journey through time, to the beginning of the hookah world with Zomo. 

Keep in touch and follow @zomoofficial on Instagram, we'll help you find the nearest distributor so you can try this delicacy and stay tuned for news. 

March 24, 2022
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