We transformed Zomo into an alcohol gel factory. - Flavors of Americas - FOA

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The world is undergoing one of the most devasting crises of all times. There are several heroes bending over backwards to save lives. Those are ordinary people whose attitude and actions make all the difference. Zomo has attitude and action in its DNA, which has led us to convert our factory into a large production center of hand sanitizer, to help those in need.

With the unity and creativity of our employees, we have already produced over 50 thousand bottles of hand sanitizer gel to be donated to hospitals, police stations, city halls and old people’s homes in Brazil and Paraguay. Nothing can be more rewarding than making a difference in people’s lives.

Zomo has always been a proactive company to find solutions. We believe our creativity, attitude and positive thinking can win any battle. CREATE!

Follow the link and check out Zomo donations.

April 16, 2020
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