Zomo launches a new strong Flavor

We started the month in the best way, and nothing better than surprising you with news! From the hand of @Zomofficial, their Strong line has gained a new flavor that you will love.

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New Pod 5000puffs from Hungria ft. Zomo

The partnership between Zomo and Hungria is not something new, but what you did not expect is that this successful feat will surprise you with a line of pods, you read that right. Zomo launches the POD HUNGRIA special edition line with 10 incredible flavors.

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Eco Zomo Project

As you already know, Zomo participated in another Ultimate Drift event and our marketing director, Paulo Isper, was there to formalize a partnership with the company Elo Ambiental. It is dedicated to waste recycling and together with Zomo they started a long-term project called Eco Zomo.

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Zomo Vape launches its Disposables Pods line

Here at Flavors of Americas the launches do not stop, that is why Zomo Vape presents its latest line of Disposable Pods in its 4 presentations. Disposable Pods are small, slim e-cigarettes powered by a built-in battery with a liquid inside that, once finished, is thrown away.

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