Donations of 1,000 liters of gel alcohol to Paraguay - Flavors of Americas - FOA

Embalagens de álcool gel

Flavors of Americas, together with its new brand Total Block, is donating hand sanitizer gel to several public institutions that lack supply to fight Coronavirus in these times of shortages of health protective equipment. We are here to help.

On April 6th, in spite of the heavy rain, we delivered fifty 5-liter gallons of the hand sanitizer to Dirección de Policia del Alto Parana, to our police heroes that are always on the streets and need efficient protection against the virus. After that, we drove straight to Ciudad Del Este City Hall to deliver one hundred 5-liter gallons to the city mayor, Miguel Prieto. Finally, we brought fifty 5-liter gallons to IPS Hospital, which is always in need of equipment to work. Health workers, who are essential to saving lives, must be protected.

In just one day, 1,000 liters of the hand sanitizer were donated in Paraguay to help ease the Coronavirus Crisis. With this attitude, we can save lives. For this reason, we invite you to do your part and support a cause in your hometown. Together we will win that battle.   

April 14, 2020
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