Number 1 brand of latin america


Zomo is the largest brand of hookah tobacco and shisha accessories in
Latin America. It has become a reference and synonym of quality, since it
always acts with innovation and meets all the desires and needs of the

In 2017 Zomo expanded its borders to other countries, being present in the
United States, Germany, Holland, Andorra, Russia and the United Arab
Emirates. Taking Latin American culture to these regions, with its exotic and
tropical flavors.



Zomo acts with five lines of flavors. Each line has been developed to meet
all the tastes and desires of consumers.

Classical Line: it has the most diverse flavors in the market;

Strong Line: brings the refreshment and the intensity of the fruit;

World Line: refers to the characteristics of each region of the world;

Splash Line: developed with inspiration in the flavors of soft drinks;

Buzz Line: a special line for the most demanding, whose main characteristic
is the intensity of tobacco and flavor.

Zomo, in addition to bringing products to the hookah world, provides
experiences that will be eternalized in the sessions of our clients.


Zomo’s charcoals are produced in Indonesia, considered the best region in
the world for coconut charcoal. The manufacturing process is 100%
sustainable, meaning no tree is cut for this production.

Since the selection of the raw material, our producers carry out the process
in an artisan way. The peeling of the coconut is done with much subtlety, so
that the fiber can be intact at the time of manufacture. The fiber remains in
a dry and airy place until there is no evidence of moisture in the material to
start production.

Our specialists, in addition to reinforced training, carry out the processes
with strict quality control. Everything is tested and approved to ensure that
Zomo Charcoals are always in compliance with the highest standards in the